Grace's Secrets

Long-listed for the 2020 Davitt Awards!

I couldn’t stop reading this book even though it made me cry! I love Castle Faerie and Glen Hollow. I just wanted to know what was going to happen next because things just kept happening one after the other. I wish I could time travel like Grace did. It would be so cool to go back to the castle in the olden days like she did but I don’t think I could do all the things she did. I’m not that brave. This book was a massive adventure that kept me holding my breath until the end. I would give it a ten out of ten. I want the next book NOW!


Olivia, aged 10

Written by Louise Park

Illustrated by Whoolie Chen

Published by Berbay Books


When twelve-year-old Grace trades her tropical home in Western Australia for a faraway castle, Victorian costumes and a village trapped in time she thinks it’s the fresh start she desperately needs. But unsolved problems have a way of following . . . A map of the castle’s secret passages sends Grace on a time-travelling mystery that will challenge her very existence and all that she loves. Can Grace save herself as well as her family? And how will some of her favourite children’s authors help her on her quest?



D-Bot Squad

I am writing this on behalf of my son, Jamie, aged 5. He wants me to tell you how much he loves the D-Bot Squad books - he thinks they are 'so good' - and wants to know if another series is in the works. He's read all 8 books...multiple times!
Thanks for helping to bring such fabulous books to kids, and getting boys into reading. 

Best wishes


Written by Louise Park and Susannah MacFarlane under the pseudonym Mac Park

Illustrated by James Hart


A world kids love using words they can read.


Dinosaurs are back and on the loose! It’s up to the D-Bot Squad to catch them.
Hunter Marks knows everything there is to know about dinosaurs. But will it be enough to build a d-bot that can catch a real dinosaur?


Dinosaurs are being bred in secret on a faraway island. But now some have escaped and D-Bot Squad needs people who can catch them using robotic dinosaurs that are stronger, faster, smarter than the dinosaurs. Hunter is chosen but he will need to think fast and learn about teamwork if he is going to catch them!

This is one school day that will be anything but normal ….


8 books inter-connected with cliff-hanger endings to get boys’ reading momentum going!


Harriet Clare


I am the proud mum of a very brave eight-year-old girl named Elaina. I am writing to you to thank you for sharing your talent and bringing laughter and joy to my little darling when she needed it the most. Recently my precious girl relapsed. During her stay in the hospital, trying desperately to recover sight to her left eye she spent her days reading (amazingly). With sight in one eye and immense passion for your books (Harriet Clare), Elaina managed to complete book 3&4 in the series in the last ten days of her treatment. Harriet Clare brings her so much joy and happiness, warming her little heart when she has needed it the most. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for putting a smile on her face, thank you for the beautiful giggles and the inspiration you bring. It is going to be a long journey to recovery for her, but I know Harriet Clare not only eases the road but encourages fun along the way!




Written by Louise Park

Illustrated by Marlene Monterrubio


Welcome to the crazy, fun-filled world of Harriet Clare’s Secret Notebooks—where you help Harriet solve all her mega-huge and awesomely nutty problems! 


Learn more about the Harriet books, read   samples and download cool activities at 


When you're done be sure to send your work into Harriet's Blog of Awesomeness. She'll share it and write back to you!


Conceptualised, written and packaged by Louise Park


Bella Dancerella


There's magic in the attic and grand adventures to be had in the Bella Dancerella series.


Bella’s dreams of becoming a ballerina on stage come true in the most unexpected ways when she unlocks her mum’s jewellerybox—A magical jewellery box that transports Bella to the extraordinary ballet lands of Tututopia!


Join Bella as she dances her way from her farmyard home to the magical kingdoms of Tututopia


                                       Conceptualised, written and packaged by Louise Park under the pseudonym Poppy Rose.

Boy vs Beast


In this best-selling series, one boy and his dogbot defend the wall and protect Earth.


He is Kai Masters. Border guard and beast battler.

Let the battles commence!


Fast-paced and loaded with high energy while maintaining a low word count and simple sentence structure, Boy vs Beast takes reading to young boys on their terms.


Conceptualised and written by Louise Park and Susannah McFarlane under the pseudonym Mac Park

Packaged by Louise Park


Star Girl


Three years of boarding school in space, sixteen amazing adventures and one incredible journey!


Addie Banks is your average 10-year-old girl. She loves hanging out with her friends, going to ballet class, collecting plush toy animals and playing sport. The school that Addie attends is anything but average! Addie has made it into the most extraordinary boarding school in the universe—a space station boarding school.


Addie’s adventures at the school are exciting and extreme. Can Addie really save her adorable and endangered alien creatures with a lip-gloss spaceberry, a pair of Happy Birthday singing gumboots and items that look more suited to a sleep-over party?


Conceptualised, written and packaged by Louise Park


Zac Power


Every boy dreams of being a spy—a very cool spy operating under the agent name of Agent Rock Star! 


Each book is an exciting stand-alone mission in which 12-year-old Zac has to save the day in 24 hours. Zac is a secret spy for the Government Investigation Bureau, just like the rest of his family. Seemingly ordinary, Zac has a secret life full of extraordinary fast-paced adventures involving state-of-the-art gadgets and spy equipment. 


Written by Louise Park under the pseudonym H. I. Larry

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